Employee Satisfaction Boosts Corporate Performance.

Salary EX made salary payment an innovative benefit.

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May 30, 2020: [Info] We’ll resume sales activity from June 1st with complying to the guideline for COVID-19.

Mar 13, 2020: [Info] We started limiting our sales activity along with the presidental order about ECQ.

Sep 26, 2019: [Media] Interviewed by The Weekly Plecomm.

Sep 14, 2019: [Media] Featured by The Weekly Plecomm.

Aug 11, 2019: [Media] Featured by The Dairy Manila Shimbun.

Aug 2, 2019: [Info] On-boarded the first client.

Jul 26, 2019: [Service] Certified by National Privacy Comission.

Jun 26, 2019: [Service] Supported bank transfer for all major banks such as BDO.

Mar 11, 2019: [Info] Business permit approved.

Feb 11, 2019: [Info] Licensed by BIR. 

Feb 4, 2019: [Info] Registered as a licensed lending company on SEC.


– Improve organization performance through the cutting-edge welfare program –

SPC is the framework that indicates the causal relationship that high employee satisfaction (ES) results in high customer satisfaction (CS) and, as a result, corporate profit (Profit) improvement. High ES is essential if you are aiming for long-term profitable corporate management. It consists of “work environment”, “human resource system (recruitment / assignment / training / evaluation)”, “remuneration”, and “welfare”.

Salary EX. is designed as a program to boost “remuneration” and “welfare”.


An automated employee benefit on the cloud.

Salary EX. allow your employees to access their salary for the work they did, on demand.

Benefit – Company

– Effort free for approval
– Effort free for money transfer

Benefit – Employee

– Apply in 15 seconds
– Minimum 1 hour delivery of the salary

Management’s Voice

“I can see our employees are motivated via new engagement. It’s creating the great performance in our organization.”

Employee’s Voice

“We can withdraw salary anytime via Salary EX in our company. No more worry about daily finantial trouble and we’re happy work everyday.”

Case Study


Industry: Manufacturing of Electronic Products (vibration motor, magnet buzzer, etc)

Number of Employee: 150

Location: Batangas

Start: Aug, 2019


  • Abolish individual support for money
  • Improve attendance rate

Challenge & Insights

In our company, lending/borrowing money between employees happened, which sometimes let employees quit job. The visible problem is only the top of iceberg. And we’re looking for counter measure. That’s why we chose Salary EX. By implementing this new system, we began to improve internal order and workplace environment.

By the way, we have a loan system ourselves for employees. The purpose is to provide support for large expenses such as educational expenses and medical expenses. Salary EX can be used together with the internal loan since it’s perfect for daily expenses.

We also consider it as a cost-effective welfare. The implementation cost is low. Operation is only payroll deduction, which is simple enough for HR and accounting.
We recommend Salary EX if you have same challenges with us. (Mr. Tsutsumi)


Industry: Real Estate and Operation of
Serviced Office

Number of Employee: 10

Location: Makati

Start: Aug, 2019


  • Maintain work environment (e.g. prevent loan b/w employees and money trouble)
  • Enhance company welfare

Challenge & Insights

We’ve been getting requests to advance salary and to lend money. For such case, we provided the support individually after checking the purpose without any official rules. When we started recognizing the needs for the official rule for it, we knew Salary EX. The best thing in Salary EX is the simplicity which requires only salary deduction, in addition to the effect that mitigates the workload for the individual operation.
By implementing Salary EX, we achieved the fairness for employees since the support for individual case is not required anymore. As a result, we can prevent the risk for the employees’ complain for unfairness now.
In our organization, the number of employees is small and each members are close. Now I don’t need to concern anymore about how to balance between the relationship with employees and the individual financial support. (Mr. Manami)

About Us

Company Name

SALARY EX. Lending Corporation 


February 2019 


PHP 11,034,000 –

Head Office

23F TOWER6789, Ayala Avenue 6789, Makati City 1209 Metro Manila

Business Summary

Development and Sales of Flexible Salary Payment

NPC Registration No.


Main Bank

BDO Unibank 


Create social innovation via FinTech and invite companies and persons to the next stage. 

Message From President

– Yoshichika Azuma

“Improve profit and achieve the goal.”

For the purpose, “Employee Satisfaction” is the key.  Service Profit Chain or SPC was introduced as the key concept on Harvard Business Review in the US in 1994. And the fact that SPC made many companies successful is well-known. When “Employee Satisfaction (ES)” is maximized, it maximizes the potential of product / service. Such product/service maximizes clients’ satisfaction. As a result, it creates positive cycle to achieve the organization goal, e.g, profit. 

How we can maximize “ES”? Reward is considered as the essential and really difficult to keep it high. Salary is the most essential one. Employees are happy to have payday twice a month. But, what if they can withdraw their salary on demand, before payday? It will create constant pleasure and appreciation. It results in much higher employee satisfaction.

Salary EX is the engine to drive the improvement of ES, which creates positive cycle for your company performance and the goal achievement.


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